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At BrandyDesigns, we take a great deal of pride in our work. We use only high-quality materials, and our designs are all original. Each wooden piece is hand cut from 3/4” thick, first grade poplar. We use no plywood. Every piece is individually hand-painted, using acrylic paints, and after drying, is sealed with four coats of clear coat, to provide protection from the elements.

No stencils or decals are used in any of our products. Since each figure is hand painted and unique, there will be minor variations between pieces, and we can easily accomodate your requests for a personal touch on your product.


For our aluminum mailboxes, the figures and the mailbox are hand painted on both sides. The figures are attached to “Made in USA” aluminum mailboxes, which meet USPS regulations, with both glue and screws. We use T-1 size boxes, which measure 8-3/4” high, 6-3/4” wide, and 19” deep. Larger mailboxes are available for an additional charge.

The cedar mailboxes are unique. We use “Made in USA” cedar sheathed mailboxes. The figure is handpainted on a separate piece of poplar, one for each side of the mailbox. It is then attached to the mailbox with both glue and screws.

Welcome Signs:

The model for our Longhaired Dachshund Welcome Sign is our Perri. I used a photograph of him standing in the garden to make a pattern, which was used to cut out the sign from a piece of poplar.

Each sign is individually hand painted with acrylics, and sealed with four coats of clearcoat. The back of the sign also receives a clearcoat, and a hanger is added. I can make your sign with the “Welcome” in a variety of languages - on this sign is “Benvenuto”, which is Italian. This sign now hangs proudly outside my front door.

Custom Work:

An owner with a much-loved dachshund needed a key rack for her home. She provided me with a photograph, which I used as a model to paint her key rack. 

She was so pleased with the results, she sent me this picture of her little girl posed next to the key rack.

My key racks are made from 3/4” poplar, each individually handpainted, and coated with 4 coats of clearcoat. It is delivered with hooks installed, and a hanging bracket on the back. 

I would be glad to work from a photo of your pet, if you’d like a custom mailbox, welcome sign or key rack. 

I have also made mailbox signs, using my welcome signs as a base design. If used as a mailbox sign, I paint it on both sides, so it can be hung from the mailbox cross bar.


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